Samsung has recently launched probably one of its most creative ad campaigns, and slightly elbows avid Apple users with humor and wit.

Promoting the Android Galaxy S II line, the advertisement doesn’t have flashy graphics, cool techno sounds and a list of device features. Instead, it places Samsung opposite of Apple, joking about the latter’s sometimes obsessive fanboy culture while giving users a teaser of a new and powerful alternative.

It’s cleverly done and not at all offensive – unless you’re a hardcore Apple fan who couldn’t take a joke. In an interview with Business Insider, Brian Wallace, Samsung’s VP for Strategic Marketing, said that the campaign was not trying to convert Apple’s eager consumers. By placing Samsung in contrast with its main competitor, it targets people who are interested in getting a smartphone for the first time, and even current Android users who are looking to upgrade their devices.

Samsung Chief Marketing Officer Todd Peddleton adds, “We wanted everyone to be aware of the GSII. Everyone knows about the lines for the iPhone launches. We want to use that as a device to show that the next big thing is already here.”

The campaign has been getting positive reviews, even from Apple users. More ads are coming in the following days, so watch out for them on Samsung’s official Facebook page and during Thanksgiving football matches.

Via Business Insider, Samsung