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Install Official Samsung Market and Apps on Galaxy S Running Ice Cream Sandwich

February 7, 2012

The Galaxy S was one of the most successful phones made by Samsung. You could never go wrong with this Android smartphone. With its impressive hardware and stellar performance–the best of its time–success had been easy for this smartphone.

And, while this Android smartphone has been denied official Ice Cream Sandwich goodness by its own maker, the Galaxy S got a nice ICS treatment from the ever-dependable guys at XDA Developers. The CyanogenMod-based Onecosmic RC3Plus ICS ROM, for instance, is getting better and is nearing its perfection. The beta version of the ROM has already received a lot of good reviews from people who have tried it.

Galaxy S ICS ROMs such as Onecosmic RC3Plus and CyanogenMod 9, however, do not include the Samsung Apps app by default. If you are a Galaxy S owner and have been using this app for some time now, you will probably miss it when you install an ICS ROM on your Galaxy S. But, there’s a way to bring it into your Galaxy S even if it’s running on Ice Cream Sandwich.  Continue reading to know how.


  • This process is a bit risky. Please read the entire article first before you proceed. Take note of each step so that you can anticipate what will happen next.
  • Make sure that the custom ICS ROM is properly installed and running on your Galaxy S.
  • This guide is only intended to work with the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 (the international version). Do not attempt to try this with other devices.
  • There are different packages for different ICS ROMs.  Download one that is appropriate for your ROM.
  • The packages are still being developed, so do not expect them to be bug-free.  There’s also no guarantee that they will work on your system.  Use the packages and this guide at your own risk.  Only you shall be responsible and liable for whatever happens to your device.  If you need help and support about the update packages, see the XDA Developers forum thread here.


  • Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 running custom Ice Cream Sandwich ROM
  • A Windows PC with internet access
  • USB data cable for the device
  • Backup of all your data
  • Full battery charge on the phone


  1. Download the appropriate update ZIP package for your system and save the file to your computer:
  2. Connect the device to the PC via the USB cable.
  3. Copy the downloaded file into the root directory of the device’s internal SD card.
  4. Disconnect the device from the PC.
  5. Turn off the device.
  6. Boot the device into recovery mode by holding down the Volume Up button together with the Home button and Power button. Keep holding all these buttons until you see the Samsung logo.
  7. Choose “Install Zip from SD card” from the recovery mode menu and then select “Choose zip from SD card”.
  8. Select the update file that you copied to the internal SD card.
  9. Choose Start to begin the installation.
  10. Once the installation is complete, clear the Dalvik cache by going to the “Advanced” menu. Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” from there.
  11. Go back to the “Advanced” menu and then select “Fix Permissions”.
  12. Go back to the main menu and then choose “Reboot system now”.

Congratulations! You now have Samsung Market (optionally with social sync and some Samsung apps) together with Ice Cream Sandwich on your Galaxy S GT-I9000.