If you already know what MIUI is, you’re well aware that it looks nothing similar to the Android versions that are on your device. For one thing, the MIUI is light while the Ice Cream Sandwich has a dark exterior. It is also simple, whereas ICS is full of different menus. Also, MIUI is sleek compared to the others that are clunky.

But because the Android 4.0 version is taking a while to be adapted to other smartphones and tablets other than the Galaxy Nexus S, many are growing tired of waiting. Considering that the Nexus S is still the only device where the ICS OS is officially available in, it is understandable why developers are getting impatient.

This is why there are some enterprising developers who turned to the creation of a FrankenROM composed of an assortment of all types; a little of the MIUI framework, CyanogenMOD 9 code, some of the leaked ROM kernels of the official ICS, plus a few other pieces that produce a usable and bug-free experience.

Unfortunately, there have been some disappointments with the MIUI including an underwhelming battery life. Additionally, there are a couple of things that need to be done before the ROM can be used. If you can easily follow simple instructions, you can check out XDA-Developers and see if the MIUI works on your device.