Gadgets getting wet and inoperable may now be a thing of the past. HzO technology is here to save the day and prevent water–either in its solid, liquid, or gaseous forms–from wrecking your Android phone.

HzO is a new technology in vapor form that will coat all surfaces of your gadget–inside-out, including the sensitive electronics inside–making it WaterBlocked (water resistant). This solution will put a nano-scale film that has water-repelling properties on your entire device including all the circuitry inside. The makers even claim that it will seep into all the crevices no matter how tiny they might be.

HzO CEO Paul S. Clayson demonstrated how this technology works during the New York Press Preview for the 2012 International CES. In the demonstration, Clayson submerged a Samsung Galaxy S2 into a bowl of water, completely turned on.  Clayson then called the phone, and surprisingly, the call came through on the screen of the Galaxy S2. The smartphone came out of the water still turned on and working.

The details about this technology are limited as of the moment. Information like the pricing and availability has not been disclosed. All we know is that HzO will be marketed by Zagg, a company known for protective gear.

This technology is indeed a promising one. Basing on the statements from the makers, they’re seeing a bright future for this technology. They are even seeing other applications that may make this product very useful, as HzO can also work on other types of material such as paper.

Whenever and if ever HzO goes mainstream, no smartphone will ever have to worry about drowning anymore.

What do you think of HzO’s protective nanotechnology solution for smartphones?