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Sammy just keeps on breaking records: Galaxy S and S2 top 50 million sales, Galaxy Note hits 7m

June 1, 2012

Samsung is really enjoying flaunting its sales figures lately, so it should come as no surprise that the latest sales report released by Sammy mentions some new and very impressive numbers.

No, the quarter hasn’t yet finished (there’s a whole month to go), but that’s no reason for Samsung to not brag with probably its most successful devices ever, the original Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Note “phablet”.

According to the company’s official statements, combined Galaxy S and S2 sales have topped the 50 million mark worldwide, which is darn impressive, anyway you look at it. The original Galaxy S currently accounts for 24 million unit sales, while the S2 has already shipped in 28 million units globally.

Sammy hasn’t broken down sales figures for the two in the last few months, but it’s safe to assume that the first-edition Galaxy S, released way back in June 2010, will stop at around 25 million units sold. The S2, on the other hand, is still practically a “toddler” and has just celebrated a year from its launch, so it might still sell a couple of extra million units over the next months.

In fact, we remember back in February that Samsung announced the Galaxy S2 selling in 20 million units in nine months, so, based on that statement, we can assume that Sammy’s 2011 flagship has sold another 8 million units in about three months. Wow! Just wow!

As far as the Galaxy Note goes, the 5.3-inch phablet hasn’t been as popular as the Galaxy S and S2, but has pretty much exceeded every prediction made by financial analysts and technology enthusiasts. The Note, which was described by many as a very tough device to market and advertise, has topped 7 million unit sales since its release in November 2011.

Although Samsung hasn’t mentioned the final date taken into consideration for this new “financial report”, we can assume that they made their calculations until around mid-May. That means that the Galaxy Note has sold 7 million units in around 7 months, averaging a pretty good one million sales each 30 days.

Samsung’s fantastic financial run is set to continue for a while and the recently released (for some) Galaxy S3 will probably drive the company’s profits even further ahead. If you remember, we reported back in March (!) that there were already 10 million pre-ordered S3s, so there’s a very good chance that our predictions for the first ever financial quarter with over 50 million mobile phone sales for Samsung will come true.

Do you think that Sammy’s domination over the Android market could be stopped by anyone anytime soon? How many units do you think the S3 will sell by, say, the end of July? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.