Liquipel is a company that can completely waterproof your phone for about $60 with a nano-coating that is completely transparent so you won’t even notice it with the naked eye. If this rumor is true, then Galaxy S 3 may come waterproofed by Liquipel. The rumor comes from an independent UK retailer and is said to be reliable. The source also says the insurance coverage will likely be altered account for the device’s new protection against water spilling and such.

So how believable is this rumor? I think the rumor is believable because it would give Samsung a nice way to differentiate from the competition and it would make for a great bullet point in their advertising campaign. But more importantly, I’ve said it before that because these devices are becoming such important tools in our lives, and since the industry is booming, the trend will continue to make phones as resilient as possible, whether we’re talking about surviving harsh whether conditions, or surviving a fall on concrete.

The design of the phones will remain an important aspect of the phone’s hardware, so these proofing methods will not all come at once, but rather in steps, because although people will want their phones to be more protected, they don’t really want them to look like tanks either. But as technology evolves, we’ll see the phones become increasingly more protected against any type of damage, without taking a huge penalty in the looks department.

We started with making their screens scratch resistant, now we’re moving on to making them water-proof, and then we’ll continue with making them more shatter-proof. The Motorola Defy has already achieved all of these, without taking a huge hit in the design department (although it is slightly thicker than many brand new phones) so they are already showing that this is possible and it’s coming, which makes me hopeful that not only Galaxy S 3 will receive these sort of treatments in the future but also other devices.

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