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So much for your flexible display smartphone purchase plans, the Galaxy Round is just a test device

Hoping to score yourself a Samsung Galaxy Round? That's going to prove to be difficult since it's apparently only a test device. Read on for more!
October 16, 2013
samsung galaxy round flexible display curved screen (3)

Despite the big hype that has been building across the internet and the race between LG and Samsung to bring the first flexible display smartphone to the market, the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, the initial response to this new breed of flexible displays can best be described as lukewarm.

But for those who are fans of the technology and are hoping to score themselves a Galaxy Round via a grey market import, this piece of news won’t be welcome.

Sammobile has stated via an inside source, that the Samsung Galaxy Round is a prototype test device which will only see a “limited” run. This means that your chances of getting your hands on the device are very low, and it also explains the high asking price of over $1000.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has launched a device to test a new piece of technology, but it’s probably attracted the most attention. Samsung has previously launched smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE, which was launched in South Korea to test HD (720P) Super AMOLED displays.

So what good news can we take out of this? Well this is just another step towards fully flexible display that can fold up and perhaps even roll up, in the next few years. Baby steps people, baby steps.