samsung galaxy round flexible display curved screen (3)

Samsung’s latest round (I had to do it) in the smartphone wars is the world’s first device with a flexible display, the Galaxy Round.

Sharing most of the specifications of the Galaxy Note 3, the Round shocks through it’s unusual concave profile, a daring, yet potentially misguided attempt to challenge the canon that says touchscreens should be flat.

It remains to be seen whether the Round will turn out a road opener like the first Note or just a novelty that critics will pan and buyers will ignore. The device is going on sale this week in its native South Korea, but Samsung hasn’t revealed if the curvaceous phone will ever make it to international markets. That means it may be a while until we get to try the Galaxy Round hands-on. The next best thing is a good hands-on video, and this is the first we’ve come across.

Check out this post for more details on the crazy Galaxy Round, and stay tuned as we dig out more info.

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