Is your name Keith T. Maxwell? Probably not, eh–but it might as well be, if, like him, you have enough galactic patriotism to protect your home galaxy from alien foes. NVIDIA gave you several weeks headstart to prepare yourself to wear Maxwell’s spacesuit, and now it’s time to do so–on your Tegra devices.

Just this week, Galaxy on Fire 2 THD became available on the Android Market and on Tegra Zone. Two versions, actually. The THD (Tegra High-Definition) version optimized for Android devices powered by a Tegra processor, and a version exclusively for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY (R800i). The THD version is free to install and includes enough gameplay to make you want to buy the whole set in-app for USD$15.00. The Xperia PLAY version has no free edition, but it’s just USD$3.50 cheaper than the THD full version.

The game was developed by FISHLABS Entertainment GmbH.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is exactly what its title suggests–a galaxy up in flames because of a war that space explorer Keith T. Maxwell is fighting against a domineering alien race threatening the galaxy.

Playing this game on your Tegra device, you will love the sharp and vivid rendering of over 20 solar systems and planets, customizable 3D spaceships, and unique space stations. It’s true to its being certified as a Tegra High-Definition game, with its superb-quality visuals and its realistic 3D audio (music, effects, and voice). The app includes a reputation system, diplomacy system, and a trading system for close to 200 different galactic commodities to allow you to weave through the game’s story and accomplish your mission.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD also has an inbuilt Action Freeze tool to let you take 3D snapshots of your screen and post them right away on Facebook.

The free version will allow you to fight in one galaxy, but the upgrade will unlock access to the others.

NVIDIA has a long history with game developers, and Galaxy on Fire 2 THD is just its latest installment to a lengthening list of incredible games. So, expect more high-quality games from NVIDIA and game development partners.

For the meantime, go ahead and try to extinguish the fire in your galaxy while exploring it, fending off pirates and aliens, and having a bit of romance. If you do not have a Tegra device, you can possibly make this game work on your non-Tegra handset. I repeat, possibly.

Do you think Galaxy on Fire 2 THD can quell your alien bloodlust?

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