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Galaxy Note used as only work device for one year by exec

An exec has used Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet for a year to perform work-related tasks, ditching the regular PC in the process.
March 15, 2013
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A cofounder of a software consulting firm decided to rely only on the Samsung Galaxy Note for all computer-related work for one full year. Benjamin Robbins, cofounder of Palador, worked only on the 5.3-inch phablet and he says he wouldn’t go back to the regular PC as the main work device.

He did admit that it wasn’t always easy, and it took some getting used to performing certain tasks on the smartphone, but in the end he got used to this way of working. Using apps like Box and Dropbox helped him get the job done, but he did miss some of the perks offered by regular computers including having more apps and browser tabs available at the same time or managing files:

For instance, he sometimes had to log into a virtual desktop to access Visio files, as there’s no good Visio equivalent for Android. (He used Xtralogic’s remote desktop client to log on.) Then he had to figure out how to move those files around. “Because I was thinking mobile, I had a strategy for that. But if you’re not, if you’re just storing files on file systems and network shares—doing what people have been doing for last 20 years—there’s a shift there. The file system is a challenge.”

The Galaxy Note is Samsung’s first phablet and since than Samsung has released an even bigger similar device, the Galaxy Note 2. In fact we have seen a video showing how to turn the Galaxy Note 2 into a desktop replacement not too long ago, which is the kind of device Ribbins would like to use in the future, a smartphone that can be connected to a display when a bigger screen and PC-like functionality are needed.

In addition to the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. there’s also the recently announced 8-inch Galaxy Note 8 also comes with phone features and could be even more useful for work-related chores, at least to some users.

Robbins is thinking about moving to a small tablet for his next experiment, and he’s considering the Galaxy Note 8 (in the picture above,) Nexus 7 and iPad mini for such a purpose.