Announced at IFA 2011, the Galaxy Note quickly became one of Samsung’s Android flagship devices, and the company has been selling quite a few units in the recent months.

In case you have recently purchased the device and you’re still discovering its secrets, we’ll show you a few Galaxy Note tips and tricks, which have been conveniently posted on the company’s Facebook page a few months ago. Here’s what you should know about the Galaxy Note’s hidden features:

  • The keyboard can be optimized for one-handed operation
  • S Pen gestures can launch button functions
  • S Memo lite launches in just two taps for instant memo taking
  • With the S Pen you can write and draw on any screen
  • S Memos can be zoomed in for more detailed use
  • Subtle details make the S Memo experience even better
  • S Memo is more than just a memo application–it captures photos, records audio, and more
  • S Pen makes it easy to freely cut out a specific part of a picture
  • A screenshot shared to an S Memo is linked to its original website
  • Combining two S Memos automatically organizes them into a folder
  • Text messages can be handwritten to share your emotions better
  • Emails can be drawn to be worth a thousand words
  • S Memo lite can be hidden to reveal the background
  • Photo editor lets you get expressively creative
  • Annotations can be made directly on PPT documents
  • Handwritten memos can be added into schedules
  • Handwriting can be added to video to add some personality
  • Schedules can be easily managed with intuitive gestures using S Planner
  • Schedules can be easily managed with intuitive gestures using S Planner
  • Touchnote, postcards can be designed with the S Pen and sent to a physical address
  • S Pen makes playing Crayon physics much more enjoyable
  • Using Touch Retouch, making people disappear is easier than a magic trick
  • Anybody can draw zen-inspired paintings
  • With just a little imagination, creating a comic strip is as easy as using the S Pen
  • Project collaboration is possible 24/7 with anyone and anywhere

Check out the full gallery below:

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Do you have any Galaxy Note tips and tricks of your own?

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