Ah, the joy of working in public relations! With a simple tweet, you can make the day of countless eager Android fans…

Today, a PR person from T-Mobile confirmed on Twitter that the phone-cum-tablet Galaxy Note is coming to the Magenta network. That’s great news, even if it’s we did kinda know about it for a long while. Let’s see… there was an FCC approval, the leaked support docs, the Win and Spin contest on Facebook, and a press photo that suggested an obviously inaccurate July 11 launch date.

The tweet is more of a teaser than an official announcement of any sort. It only confirms that the Note is coming to T-Mobile and promises that further details will come soon.

samsung galaxy note t-mobile tweet

If we were to wager on a release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note on T-Mo, we’d definitely pick August 8. As we reported on July 2, what appears to be a screenshot from an internal T-Mobile management system shows that the Note will arrive in T-Mobile’s store on August 8. Quite a long time to wait, but hey, at least you have something to look forward, right?

Bogdan Petrovan

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