Samsung Galaxy note

Showing off the iron grip it exercises over its homeland market, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note is selling briskly in South Korea, with sales reaching 2 million units, merely five months after the phablet was released.

But hold on, are these sales,  as in the number of Galaxy Note devices being bought by customers? Not quite. According to the Samsung report, this is the number of devices that the Korean company has sold to suppliers. In other words, Samsung has shipped 2 million of the hybrid devices.

Semantics aside, you can’t deny the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy Note and how it captures the hearts of geeks who long for the perfect mix of an Android tablet and smartphone. Even with the Galaxy S3 about to wreak havoc in the market, demand for the Galaxy Note is apparently still quite high. Samsung said that the LTE version of the Galaxy Note was the most popular LTE handset in South Korea in April, grabbing a whopping 64% share from the total number of LTE devices sold.

When it comes to the worldwide popularity of the Galaxy Note, Samsung stated that China, Spain, and France are the three biggest sales contributors, helping the Note reach 1 million units of sales in two months, and an overall 5 million units in five months. This also means there are 5 million or more people that are still waiting for that Ice Cream Sandwich update for their Galaxy Note. Just saying, Samsung…

Bams Sadewo
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