Despite the steady stream of leaked Jelly Bean ROMs, the official Android 4.1 update hasn’t made its way to the Samsung Galaxy Note. It pays to be patient, as Samsung has finally provided the information that owners of the original phablet have been longing to hear: the software upgrade to Jelly Bean will also bring the multi-window feature to the Note.

In fact, the Galaxy Note will get the all-new Premium Suite upgrade. Aside from the multi-window function, you’ll also get the pop-up Note, Video and Browser, easy clip, paper artist, enhanced S Note, Google Now, and others.


We’re sure more than 10 million owners of the handset are jumping for joy upon hearing the good news. Furthermore, it certainly makes the former flagship device that much more attractive for folks who plan to invest on the older variant.

As to when Jelly Bean with the Premium Suite will be released for the Galaxy Note, we’re still waiting for Sammy to reveal a more specific date. We’ll let you know once we hear more. How psyched are you about the upgrade? Hit the comments below and share your excitement.

Bams Sadewo

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