When Samsung launched the original Galaxy Note back in 2011, we thought it was a joke. Who in their right mind would buy a 5.3 inch smartphone? We have no problem admitting that we were wrong and that our doubts were misplaced. People loved the jumbo sized form factor so much that the Note went on to sell over 10 million units as of mid August. Like clockwork, Samsung refreshed the Note almost one year after launching it at IFA in Berlin. How are sales going? According to Samsung’s Korean website, over 3 million units are now in the hands of consumers just 37 days after hitting the market. It’s funny because the new Note, with a 5.5 inch screen, is even larger than the old one!

What’s even crazier is that the Note 2 isn’t even available yet in the United States. AT&T will start selling it on November 9th, and Verizon will get it either on the 27th or the 29th. It’s also going to be offered by several other operators, but let’s be realistic, you’re going to want to go with the big boys because of their respective 4G LTE networks.

Should you buy the Note 2? If you can put up with the size, it’s easily the best Android smartphone currently on store shelves. That’s going to change later this month with the LG Nexus 4, but then again some of you will really want that extra 0.8 inches of screen real estate.

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