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How to upgrade the Galaxy Note N7000 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via Half Illusion custom ROM

August 14, 2012

The air is buzzing with news and developments about Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There’s no doubt that many folks want to get their phones running this flavorful treat, and Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 users are just about to get started.

The credit goes to XDA Developers member toxicthunder who compiled a Jelly Bean-based custom ROM for the 5.3 inch phone-tablet, bringing in smooth and slick Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean features along with the performance improvements and customizations — all these courtesy of some of the best from the CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) and Android Open Kang Project sources.

Half Illusion as this ROM is called, suggests amazing features that you can just imagine. Some of which are a smoother touch experience, offline voice typing, new and improved actionable notifications, and more to mention. But, before you get too excited, this ROM is not an official CyanogenMod 10 or AOKP ROM. There might be issues present especially on Samsung-specific features, though there were no major bugs reported.

Want to give it a try? In this tutorial, learn how to upgrade the Galaxy Note N7000 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean via Half Illusion custom ROM.



  • The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note, model number N7000.  Applying these instructions on another device or model may produce undesired outcomes.
  • The information in this guide is provided for instructional and educational purposes only.  There is no guarantee that these instructions will work under your specific and unique circumstances.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk.  We shall not hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens to you or your device arising from your use of the info in this guide.
  • Read and understand the whole guide first before actually performing the instructions.


  1. Copy the CM10 ROM and Google Apps package ZIP files to the internal SD card of your Note.
  2. Turn off your Note.
  3. Boot your Galaxy Note to ClockworkMod Recovery by pressing the Volume Up, Home, (Center), and Power keys together and let them go when the screen turns on.  Use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to select options.
  4. Select Wipe data/factory reset and confirm the reset.
  5. Select Wipe cache partition and confirm the wipe.
  6. Select Advanced > Wipe Dalvik cache and confirm the cache wipe. And, while still in the Advanced menu, select Wipe battery stats and confirm the wipe.
  7. Select Install ZIP from sdcard > Choose ZIP from sdcard and select the CM10 ROM package.
  8. Wait until the flashing is done, then repeat step 7but this time choose the file for the Google Apps package.
  9. Once you have flashed the two files reboot your phone by selecting Go back and Reboot system now.  The first boot up may take 5-7 minutes, so just be patient.

Great! You have successfully flashed the Half Illusion custom ROM, containing Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean from both CyanogenMod 10 and AOKP, to your Samsung Galaxy note GT-N7000.