samsung youm flexible display
Youm curved displayed, demo from CES 2013

Samsung is rumored to be working on a Note version featuring a plastic-based display that wraps around the sides of the phone, creating, in effect, a display with three sides.

A recent trademark application suggests that the three-sided display device could be called Galaxy Note Edge.

To be clear, there is no indication in the trademark document, which was filed on August 5, that the device in question is the upcoming Note variant. However, Samsung isn’t known to be working on any other Note variant and the “Edge” moniker would be perfectly suited for such a device.

Rumors about the three-sided screen version of the Galaxy Note 4 began surfacing in early summer. Just last week, Korean media reported that the plastic-based panel required for the design entered production in limited quantities.

If and when it hits the market, the device will probably be a limited edition meant to test the waters, just like Samsung experimented on a small scale with the Galaxy Round, its first plastic-based screen device.

The device (Note Edge?) will probably look a lot like the Youm concept that Samsung demoed in January 2013 at CES. Having a screen that stretches over to the sides will enable features like making notifications visible without opening the flip case, placing playback controls on the sides for easy access, or moving game controls away from the screen.