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Did Samsung accidentally leak a photo of the Galaxy Note 8.0? Looks like it!

It looks like Samsung used an image of the Galaxy Note 8.0 in their marketing material for the Note 10.1 LTE. We hope no one gets fired over this.
February 14, 2013

Samsung recently announced that the Galaxy Note 10.1 would soon be available in a new color in South Korea. It’s not quite red, but not quite brown either. Whatever, that’s not very interesting. What is interesting is that it looks like the company accidentally inserted a photo of an unannounced tablet in their press images. Take a look at the device behind the chef in the photo above. It’s obviously not the Note 10.1, so what can it be?

Several images of a device that’s allegedly the Galaxy Note 8.0 hit the internet earlier this month. We thought they were fake because they showed a tablet that looked exactly like the Galaxy S3, just blown up for people with gigantic hands. Turns out that the tablet behind the chef actually confirms the leaked images!

Is someone in Samsung’s marketing department going to get yelled at tomorrow? Probably, but consider this: Mobile World Congress is about two weeks away. This “leak”, if you even want to call it that, is just going to give Samsung more attention. We’ll obviously be at MWC reporting everything that’s happening, and at least now we have an inkling as to what we might see at Samsung’s booth.

What other goodies will Samsung announce? We have no idea. We still remember when the Galaxy Camera came out of nowhere. The Galaxy S4 will definitly not be at the show however, so don’t get your hopes up.