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Samsung’s latest YouTube video showcases Galaxy Note 8.0, features Andrew Park

In a new YouTube video Samsung showcases some of the reasons to consider picking up a Galaxy Note 8.0. The video also plays out as an interview of sorts with animator Andrew Park.
July 2, 2013
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 isn’t exactly the cheapest smaller-screened tablet on the market, with a price of $399 for the 16GB version. For that kind of cheddar there are plenty of much more affordable tablets with similar specs, including the Nexus 7.

So why get Samsung’s tablet over the competition? Ultimately, it is the S-Pen that sets the Note 8.0 apart from other tablets in the 7 and 8-inch class.

In a new YouTube video, Samsung drives this point home by highlighting exactly why the Note 8.0 could be the perfect tablet for those looking for a device that combines a traditional tablet with note-taking, drawing and other functions optimized for a stylus.

The video itself is essentially an interview with Andrew Park, a London animator best known for the “RSAnimate” series. For those who have never heard of the it, the series basically takes lectures from RSA and transforms it into an animated presentation of sorts.

Back on point, the video focuses on how Park uses the S-Pen and Note 8.0 to capture his thoughts, do quick research and even make initial drawing and images with the Note.

As Parker puts it, “If you’ve got everything in one device, like the Note 8.0.. you can just concentrate on making sure you are serving your ideas the best.”

If the latest video has you curious about the Note 8.0, head over to our full review to get a better idea of what to expect with Samsung’s note-taking 8-inch tablet.