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Galaxy Note 4 impresses again in this collection of performance benchmarks

The Exynos powered Galaxy Note 4 tops a number of CPU and GPU benchmarks, although the high display resolution takes its toll on the ARM Mali-T760 GPU.
October 2, 2014
samsung galaxy note 4 aa multitasking

We have already seen some impressive battery benchmarks, and now it’s time to push the Galaxy Note 4’s Exynos 5433 processor through some tough performance benchmarks. Playwares has been putting the handset through a wide range of CPU and GPU tests, so we can see just how good Samsung’s handset and ARM’s Cortex-A57, A53, and Mali-T760 are. Brace your internet connections for an onslaught of charts.

Starting with the CPU benchmarks, Rightware BrowserMark gives us an idea of general browsing performance on the handset, while GeekBench3 tries to give a real-world estimatation of single and multi-threaded CPU performance levels.

Galaxy Note 4 BrowserMark
Galaxy Note 4  GeekBench3 single core
Galaxy Note 4 GeekBench3 multi core

An excellent showing from the Galaxy Note 4. The handset handily tops every benchmark bar the single threaded CPU test, where the top spots are occupied by various Apple products. The improved Cortex-A57 and A53 octo-core setup in the SoC provides a noticeable boost over the Galaxy S5’s octo-core Exynos 5422, and also beats out the GS5 LTE-A version’s mighty Snapdragon 805. Proving that ARM’s latest CPU architecture not only deliveries improved energy efficiency, but can also live up to the performance promises.

Next up, GPU tests through GFXBenchmark’s T-Rex test and 3DMARK’s Icestorm.

Galaxy Note 4 GFXBench
Galaxy Note 4 3DMARK

Here you can see onscreen and off-screen versions of each test, which gives us a good look at how the handset performs in the real-world, as well as how the GPU theoretically compares against the competition. Due to its higher resolution 2560×1440 display, the Galaxy Note 4 doesn’t quite make it to the very top of the pile in these tests, but it still performs very on the whole.

Turning to the off-screen tests, we can see the additional oomph provided by the Mali-T760 GPU and Exynos SoC, which bodes very well for the next-generation processors heading our way in 2015. A GPU like that in a 1080p device would really fly. Importantly, the Exynos chip seems rather comparable with the Snapdragon 805, meaning that any performance differences between regional variants of the Note 4 won’t be very noticeable, at least on the graphics side of things.

PlayWares has put together an even wider range of tests for the handset’s camera, audio, peak load thermals, display, and more. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a really detailed breakdown, but the gist is that the Galaxy Note 4 does well in every category.