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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to have an unbreakable screen?

An article from Korea has suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ship with a new unbreakable flexible display, which will be constructed from new a lightweight plastic .
March 25, 2013
galaxy note cracked screen

An article straight from Korea has suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will ship with a new “unbreakable” display, finally saving clumsy smartphone users from the embarrassment of carrying around a cracked handset.

According to the article Samsung is still in the early stages of developing its new screen, but the eventual goal is to produce a flexible plastic organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display which won’t crack when dropped.

Unlike conventional OLED displays which use glass, the new display will instead be made from an unspecified plastic material. The increased flexibility of the plastic display means that it will be able to absorb more energy from any impacts, preventing cracks or chips from appearing if your smartphone is dropped or bashed, something I’m sure we all agree is a much needed step forward. Switching to a plastic material also means that the screens can be manufactured to be thinner than displays made from glass, effectively reducing the weight of your smartphone as well.

The article also alludes to some of the Galaxy Note 3’s display specifications, specifically mentioning that Samsung is producing this technology in a full HD (1080) display. There’s also a slightly more confusing segment about a 5 inch and 6 inch variant of the Note 3, but I’m going to say that there’s some information lost in translation there.

Samsung isn’t expected to move into mass production of these OLED displays until the fourth quarter of this year, possibly in October. So we probably won’t be seeing the Galaxy Note 3 until sometime around the end of the year, which is pretty much what we were expecting anyway.

And you interested in the rumored 6 inch smartphone, and do you like the sound of an unbreakable touch screen?