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Here’s a bunch of photos taken with the Note 3 by a Samsung employee

Rumored to launch in early September, the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 13MP camera. Here are a few alleged samples.
August 2, 2013
Galaxy Note 3 samples leak (1)

Just today we’ve heard that Samsung is going to unveil the new Galaxy Note 3 together with the Gear smartwatch on September 4. That means we’re a little over a month away from the next big thing in Samsung’s lineup, and that more leaks are bound to appear.

Here’s the latest one, intentional or not. A person that appears to be an employee of Samsung Electronics in Mexico uploaded several photos to his Google Plus account, including some taken with a SM-N9005 device.

SM-N9005 is thought to be a variant of the Galaxy Note 3. The designation first appeared on a Samsung Kazakhstan site back in June.

Here are the pictures.

So, what do these images tell us about the Galaxy Note 3 camera? Mostly, they tell us that the Note 3 will probably feature the same camera as the Galaxy S4, which is good news or bad news, depending on your expectations for the new device.

The resolution of the images, 4128 x 2322, which is about 10MP might seem weird, until you consider that the photos were cropped to 16:9, from the sensor’s native format of 4:3. Other useful specs we can spot in the images are the f/2.2 aperture and the focal length of 4.6 mm. Of course, EXIF data can be easily faked, but these images match up with earlier reports.

The quality of these images appears to be pretty poor, but you probably shouldn’t judge the Note 3, or any other phone for the matter, based on such photos.

Finally, did you notice the reflection of a squarish device in the top image? That’s a Note 3 prototype for what is worth.