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8 distinct Galaxy Note 3 model numbers spotted online

The numbers of what appear to be several models of the Galaxy Note 3 have surfaced online. The multiple models could indicate that Samsung is indeed gearing up to release multiple versions of the Note 3, as rumored yesterday.
July 9, 2013
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A wild rumor made the rounds through the blogosphere yesterday, sparked by a report in the Korean publication ETNews. According to the report, Samsung is preparing no fewer than four distinct variants of the Galaxy Note 3, including a “limited edition” premium variant with an unbreakable display, an AMOLED version, an LCD version, and an LCD version with an 8MP camera.

Now, several model numbers have been spotted online, which may or may not prove the theory that Samsung is bringing an entire Note 3 family to the market.

First, two model numbers were spotted on a Samsung site that collects User Agent Profiles – these are SM-N900T and SM-N900A. From the UAPs, we can tell that the devices will feature Full HD displays, but we can only speculate what the difference between them is. The different model numbers could belong to devices sold in distinct markets or with distinct hardware configurations.

Stefan Constantinescu from Android Beat ran a search on the “SM-N900” code and discovered a site that keeps track of goods that are imported in and exported from India. The site’s database contains multiple references to devices bearing variations of the SM-N900 code that were imported from South Korea for “R&D purposes”.

The variants are:

  • SM-N900
  • SM-N900V
  • SM-N900T
  • SM-N900A
  • SM-N900AI
  • SM-N900P
  • SM-N900R4
  • SM-N900S

This laundry list of codes could indicate that Samsung is simply testing multiple prototypes, but it could also add credence to the multiple versions theory. Two of the entries contain references to a 5.7-inch display, which corroborates with earlier reports.

Update: According to Samsung Updates, the V, A, T, and S codes could refer to the four big US carriers.

According to multiple sources, Samsung will manufacture the Galaxy Note 3 in August, with a likely announcement to follow in early September at IFA Berlin.