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While the focus in the Android world is on the Galaxy S4 this week, today we get to look at a new Galaxy Note 3 rumor that says the future phablet could come with an LCD display on board.

According to Sam Mobile’s insiders, the move from AMOLED to LCD for the Galaxy Note 3 is currently discussed internally at Samsung. Apparently LCD is better for styluses, so Samsung may be interested in improving the S Pen experience in its next-gen Galaxy Note model.

The Galaxy S4 was also rumored to pack an LCD display, although more recent reports say the handset will pack a PHOLED display instead of an AMOLED one.

The Galaxy Note 8 on the other hand, does pack an LCD screen, so maybe Samsung is going to use this display technology only for larger panels. Earlier, we heard that Samsung is planning a 5.9-inch device for later this year, which sounds pretty much like the Galaxy Note 3, although nothing is confirmed so far.

Samsung did purchase a stake in Sharp recently, a company that’s also an Apple supplier, and we could see Sharp panels inside more Samsung products in the near future.

Anyone looking forward to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 phablet?

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