Samsung Galaxy Note 3 drop test aa 8

Another week, another gorgeous device that will never get to fulfill its destiny. That is what we do at Android Authority, and we don’t feel the least bit bad about it.

Last time it was some iDevices, but now we’re squarely back in Android land to drop test one of the most anticipated devices of this season. The Note 3 is the same impressive beast of a phone we’ve come to expect from the S Pen-equipped series, but will it do better than its predecessor?

Almost exactly a year ago, our Darcy LaCouvee drop tested the Galaxy Note 2 with impressive results – the device emerged from the ordeal with an intact display and just some minor scuffs on its sides.

Will the Note 3 follow suit? Darcy passed the baton to Joshua Vergara who proceeded to drop test the Note 3 from three different positions. Of course, we saved the dreaded front facing drop for last. Here’s what happened.

This Galaxy Note 3 didn’t make it through. But the silver lining is the device remained in one piece, and even better, the display underneath the shattered screen didn’t break. If it’s any consolation, that means you might be able to use the phone until you can replace the screen.

Ultimately, the moral of every drop test is you should invest a little bit extra in a good protective case for your device. Even if the thin profile and the texturized back plate of the Note 3 give it great grip and feel in hand, putting a case on it will bring you peace of mind and potentially save you money down the road.

Stay tuned for more Galaxy Note 3 coverage. Over the following days, we’ll be showing you everything there is to know about the new Note, culminating, of course, in an in-depth review.