Being the number one wireless carrier in the States may have given Verizon a slight upper hand from others when it comes to enforcing its branding across devices. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was spared from such ordeal, but it looks like Big Red will have its way with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

We saw a leaked picture of said Verizon variant of the enlarged smartphone last month, where the carrier’s logo can be seen stamped on the Note 2’s home button. Whatever hope there was that it’s nothing but a doctored image has vanished: The Verizon home button branding on the phablet is here to stay.

From ART to WHAT?

It may not be as bad of a botched job as the above example, but it still ruins the otherwise smooth design of the Galaxy Note 2 with unnecessary branding. Why Verizon?

We’ve been taught not to judge anything by its cover, unless it’s an adult magazine, but it’s hard not to notice that forced logo stamping on the small home button. But ultimately, it’s still a great device to have regardless of the exterior, and we’re sure folks will learn to live with it over time.

Does the logo placement bother you at all? Will it affect your buying decision? Are you plotting for ways to remove or mask the front branding? Let us know in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo

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