note 2 pc

Depending on who you ask we’re now in the post PC era, where mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular with the crowds that regular PCs. But essentially these are smaller and smaller personal computers that are slowly picking up some of the workload from their older brothers, the regular keyboard-and-mouse PCs.

That’s especially true with this year’s flagship devices, that offer better and better specs and can be used for a variety of daily computer-related operations.

But can a device like an Android smartphone be used to completely replace a PC? A new video posted by ColdFustion proves that the Galaxy Note 2, hooked up to a monitor via a HML Samsung adapter and an HDMI cable, and further hooked up to a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, can be used for a variety of tasks that are/were usually done on a PC.

There are limitations and this is not a complete PC experience – we’re probably getting there in the following years – but things like web browsing, email, content consumption, running productivity apps and even gaming can be done on such a setup in order to take advantage of the bigger display.

Sure, the downside of relying on such a computer model is that you’d have to carry with you all the extra accessories needed, and make sure that a decent monitor awaits for you at your destination. But the video above proves that in the future, the better, more efficient and smaller smartphone and tablet components will get, the more PC-like support they’ll be able to offer.

Anyone using or interested in using such a setup on a regular basis?