The Galaxy Note 2 is slowly making its way to North American buyers, so what better way to promote the gigantic phone than by associating it with the gigantic basketball player that’s LeBron James?

That’s apparently exactly what Samsung Mobile USA thought too, and the company has prepared a Galaxy Note 2 clip starring LeBron to be released on YouTube just in time for today basketball event – in case you don’t know, the NBA season starts today, with LeBron to receive his first ever championship ring.

The Galaxy Note 2 commercial, entitled “LeBron’s Day with the Samsung Galaxy Note II” is almost two minutes long and shows LeBron in a variety of instances in which the Galaxy Note 2 can be used. And according to the script it happens apparently all today.

While we won’t spoil it for you, we will tell you that those special edition Nike sneakers he’s wearing today to celebrate that first ring are also part of the story.

So let’s hear it from North American Android fans, have you purchased a Galaxy Note 2 already?