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Will the Galaxy Note 2 finally bring quad-core chips and LTE together?

Quad-core chips and LTE don't come along too well, but that's about to change soon. It seems that the LTE version of the new Galaxy Note 2 is identical with the 3G version, save for the baseband chip. In other words, the LTE Galaxy Note might be powered by the mighty quad-core Exynos 4412 chip. More details inside.
September 3, 2012

When it comes to utilizing mobile devices over the internet, the user experience depends heavily on the quality of the internet connection. This is why manufacturers have scrambled to integrate high-speed LTE baseband chips in all new high-end smartphones. Unfortunately, current quad-core processors don’t play nice with LTE, which has forced manufactures like HTC and Samsung to use LTE-friendly dual-core chips from Qualcomm in the markets where LTE is deployed.

Soon, LTE subscribers might finally get a taste of quad-core power, thanks to a couple of exciting developments. On one hand, the LG Optimus G is promised to be the world’s first LTE quad-core phone (powered by a Snapdragon S4 Pro chip). However, the dashing new Galaxy Note 2 might snatch that honor first.

According to GSMArena, the LTE version of the freshly launched Galaxy Note 2 is identical to the 3G version, save for the baseband chip. This means that the LTE Note 2 might come with the same Exynos 4412 Quad chip on board, instead of swapping it for an LTE-friendly piece of silicon from Qualcomm.

Up until now, conventional wisdom was that Samsung’s (and Nvidia’s) chips cannot be paired with LTE baseband chips, but it appears that the Koreans managed to overcome whatever technical obstacles they encountered with the Galaxy S3.

Does this mean that the Galaxy Note 2 sold in Canada and the US will come with LTE and a quad-core processor? It’s certainly possible, although keep in mind that it might all be market-specific. The Galaxy Note 2 is bound to go on sale in Europe in October, and it should come to North America by the end of the year.

Will the Note 2 beat the Optimus G to the punch to become the world’s first LTE quad-core phone? Follow us and you’ll be among the first to find out!