Samsung Mobile has posted on its YouTube channel a new 30-second TV ad for its second flagship of the year, the Galaxy Note 2, briefly featuring in the clip its recent official protective accessory for the device, the Flip Cover.

However, the Flip Cover is not meant to be the main attraction of the show, and in case you wouldn’t know Samsung has just announced the accessory, you’d hardly notice it. Entitled “Art Show,” this new video highlights the different ways the phablet can be used during day-to-day activities, and ties them all to art. The subtle idea is right there, the Galaxy Note 2 is meant to be used as a creation device and could become a great assistant during your work day.

In fact, by taking a look at the description of the video where “innovative features like Air View and Idea Sketch” are mentioned right next to “expressive content creation” and “on-the-go creativity,” you’ll immediately see where Samsung is going with this.

This is definitely not the first, and not the last, such video clip to hit YouTube, with recent Galaxy Note 2 marketing efforts showing the device used in lots of artsy way, BMW cars included.

Are you buying a Galaxy Note 2 this Christmas or did you already get one? Are you using it in any particularly creative ways?