In case you still haven’t purchased your 2012 Samsung phablet because the company didn’t make it in your desired color option – although color shouldn’t really be a deal breaker when buying a smartphone – then you should be happy to hear that the handset is also coming in two new versions, Garnet Red and Amber Brown.

Unlike the black concept we saw a few days ago, the red and brown Galaxy Note 2 versions appear to be as real as they get, although we have no idea when they’ll be available in stores.

The two new Galaxy Note 2 models have been spotted in a South Korean magazine ad, so it’s safe to say that’s the first country to get the devices at some point in the near future.

Similarly, Samsung started selling the Galaxy S3 in a variety of colors a few months after launch, so we could be looking at the exact same play for the Galaxy Note 2 as well.

Which version would you rather buy, the Garnet Red or the Amber Brown model?