It has become a tradition for Samsung to pair each new high-end device with a bunch of exclusive optional accessories, and the Galaxy Note 2 couldn’t be made an exception to that rule.

Although we have spoiled you with probably one of the best Galaxy Note 2 coverages online straight from IFA 2012 in Berlin, we’ve somehow missed these accessories, so we don’t have hands-on photos or very many details about them just yet.

Still, we have spotted them quickly reviewed on a bunch of websites, including SlashGear and PhoneArena, and we’ll be trying to sum up the bits and pieces of information known at this time. Here goes:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 flip covers

Sammy introduced the “flip cover” concept soon after Galaxy S3’s launch. While some users found these accessories not very practical, others fell completely in love with them, encouraging Samsung to come out with a bunch of flip covers for the Note 2 as well.

Like the ones designed for the S3, the new ones replace your Note 2’s battery cover to provide additional protection for your screen against smudges, scratches and dirt. Unlike the S3 special ones, Note 2’s flip covers come in a very wide array of colors and hues, including blue, green, “electric yellow,” two different shades of pink, red, black and white. No words on pricing just yet, but based on “history”, we’re guessing the Note 2 flip covers will start at around $40.

Galaxy Note 2 cases and pouches

If you prefer a more traditional version of protecting your “phablet” from interaction with outside elements, Samsung will have a number of protective cases up for grabs soon. These have a pretty interesting and original design, with a kind of bumper around the edges to protect against drops and what looks like a rather thick back made out of plastic.

The three “pouches” on display at the IFA also look quite intriguing, being made out of leather and faux-leather and certainly targeting future Note 2 adopters with an eye for fashion.

Galaxy Note 2 optional S-Pens

Although this hasn’t exactly been spelled out by anyone at Samsung, it’s almost certain that the Note 2 will be coming with an included S Pen. However, it seems that there’ll be a bunch of other pen styluses available for sale separately as well.

First off, those of you with larger hands than usual will undoubtedly have the opportunity to purchase an S Pen to fit their anatomy. We don’t know exactly how many differently sized optional styluses will be up for grabs, but there should be one for everyone.

Also, a BT S Pen similar to the one unveiled for the Note 10.1 might also come, although nobody has had the chance to test it out at Berlin. The stylus/microphone/speaker is very quickly mentioned in a video clip you can watch below (warning: the English spoken in the video can cause severe damage to one’s hearing!).

Other Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories

Several other Note 2 accessories have been spotted by the good lads over at Slashgear at Samsung’s IFA booth, but very few details are known about them. A couple of keyboard docks, a set of battery chargers and a few vehicle docks are amongst these still very mysterious gizmos. We’ll refrain from making any kind of observations about all these at this time, but we promise to do some digging and to come back with some more details.

Who’s picking up a Note 2 right after it’ll start selling? And who’s thinking about getting one or several of these fresh new optional accessories for the second-gen phablet? Let us know in the comments section below.