Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs

THe Galaxy Note 10.1 sure has had a lot of customization already, with a root arriving long before the tablet even hit the market. Shortly after, ClockworkMod was ported to Note 10.1, and now the first Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs have begun to surface.

Looking to get your mod on with the Galaxy Note 10.1? XDA Developers forum has some of the first custom ROMs already. There are three different builds, each with its own different features and appeal.

First up, we have zedomax‘s “TrainWreck”, a ROM designed around the European XXALG5 firmware. This ROM is all about keeping up with the stock look, and that means all the TouchWiz experience and features are still in place.

Looking to get rid of Samsung bloatware? CleanROM by safariking might be perfect for you. This ROM is all about shedding bloat and giving the cleanest Samsung-free experience possible. This build is also based on the European firmware.

Last, we have the DR.AKRIM_ROM by hani1980, which makes use of the Indian N8000DDALH1 firmware. The purpose of this build is to add RTL Arabic support and Samsung Arabic keyboard. All the ROMs also have been deodexed and zip-aligned, alongside other individual tweaks.

When it comes to custom ROMs, XDA is almost always the best resource. Any of these Galaxy Note 10.1 custom ROMs interest you?