Still waiting for some news on when Samsung will bring Galaxy Note 10.1 and its S Pen to Canada? Information about launch is still as scarce as when the tablet was officially unveiled a month ago, as the company is still mum on when Canadian folks can start unleash their creative side. The good news is it looks like you’ll be able to pre-order the S Pen-equipped tablet soon from one retailer in the country.

Future Shop has listed the Galaxy Note 10.1 on its latest newsletter. To be more precise, it’s the 32GB WiFi model of the Note 10.1 that it apparently will start selling for $499.99. We’re not sure how accurate the listing is because the same version is going for $550 in America (as of today, CAD 500 is about US$510).

Unfortunately, that’s as detailed of information as the newsletter gets. There’s no mentioning of expected shipment date nor is there any information about the other models, particularly if you’re eyeing on the 4G LTE version. As shared by Mobile Syrup, a link to the preorder page is available, but it hasn’t gone live yet.

Samsung better get a move on if it doesn’t want to disappoint customers who are ready to embrace the Note 10.1. Are you one of them?