When Samsung created the Galaxy Nexus, it was probably aware of the number of hacks, mods, roms, and kernels that people would attempt to install in it. However, they might not have expected that it would be an easily unlocked device.

Recently, the Galaxy Nexus is now available with the Trinity by Morfic kernel. Historically speaking, the Trinity kernels have been best known for offering unparalleled performance while putting its battery life in tow. However, not all of them are geared for battery life, as there are some other kernels that provide a different result.

Adding to the line-up of kernels that aim to improve battery life is Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With Morfic’s recent release of the beta kernels for both CDMA and GSM versions of the device, the kernels provide overclocking while remain undervolted for a better performance and battery life.

By downloading the kernel on your Galaxy Nexus, you get to ensure your device has better performance. This means you get to save precious battery life even if your phone is on sleep mode. This is done through underclocking its power-hungry processors.

Among the popular devices made available with Trinity kernels include the Nexus S, HTC Sensation, and G2x. And now, it is available for the first Android 4.0 smartphone. Details of the beta kernels can be found at the RootzWiki thread of Morfic.