After Samsung confirmed early this month that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will start reaching U.K. stores on November 17, the release date of the much-awaited flagship Google smartphone has been delayed yet again–to December 2 for the U.K.

The new release date for the Galaxy Nexus in the U.K. was reflected in an updated product page for the Galaxy Nexus on Amazon UK.

Samsung has not yet made any comment regarding the delay.  Many U.K. customers have already pre-ordered their handsets. Amazon UK doesn’t seem to have any information about the cause or rationale for the delay either.

Several other retailers have also pushed back the Galaxy Nexus’ release to a yet-to-be-determined date. For the U.S., several confusing reports have given varied release dates, the most prominent of which is November 21.

Many waiting customers expressed outrage and disappointment over the confusing release dates and the delays. Amazon UK itself seems to be unsure about the December 2 release date that it has announced for the Galaxy Nexus, noting that “release dates are subject to change.”  So, the wise thing to do is to take such release date notices with a grain of salt.

Will further delay in the release of the Galaxy Nexus make you want to buy another Android handset instead?  Or, are you one of those with the gift of patience?