The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been long awaited since we first heard of the codename “Nexus Prime.” As months longed for an answer, we finally got our eyes to focus on the final prize.

Now that line waiting phone crazies have been notified of the device, it is still a mystery when in the hopeful near future it will be released.

New word tells that the Galaxy Nexus could be released in the shady area of Black Friday, which is, without question, one of the largest shopping days of the year. Verizon Wireless really does not have an explanation of the recently leaked pictures, but it is probably because of boosting sales

In the above picture, Verizon Wireless seems to have devised a map for its launch for upcoming devices. The HTC Rezound and popular DROID RAZR will be launched around the same time–the RAZR being a little bit ahead.

The RAZR “should” be launching around November 10 with the Rezound right up its tail on November 14. Then, the Galaxy Nexus will be launching around or after Black Friday weekend for escalating sales.

And, who knows? The Galaxy Nexus could be releasing even sooner on Verizon, according to our article: Galaxy Nexus Coming November 17

What do you think of current carrier marketing strategies? Do you think any of the devices should be pushed back or on sale sooner? What do you think of this latest device frenzy.

Source: Droid Life