In just a little longer than a week, Samsung has been dealt a variety of unfriendly court rulings in the U.S. lawsuit in which the company is defending against Apple’s patent-based attack: Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction, Galaxy Nexus injunction, Galaxy Tab 10.1 appeal dismissal and Galaxy Nexus appeal dismissal.

These aren’t final rulings, as the U.S. lawsuit between the two giants is set to start on July 30. But they’re certainly important for the mobile ecosystem. In fact, it’s worth remembering that Google has officially joined the fight and it’s actively helping Samsung against Apple.

The main reason Google became directly involved in this legal conflict is the fact that Apple obtained a Galaxy Nexus sales ban in America, one of the most important markets for all companies involved in these Apple vs Android trials.

Since Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus injunction appeal was thrown out by the same Judge that awarded it, all Apple had to do to enforce the initial ruling was to post a bond of roughly $96 million. The iPhone maker did exactly so and Google was forced to stop Galaxy Nexus sales from its Google Play store. Initially, Google did not confirm that the sales stop was caused by the injunction, although we suspected these may have been the case.

At the same time, the company was rumored to work on a fix that would replace the “unified search” feature, an Apple patented technology that the judge overseeing the case says the handset is infringing, with a more simpler search that only shows web-based results to users.

Now, it appears that Google has confirmed to ABC News that the Galaxy Nexus injunction is indeed in effect, but it also said that the phone will be again available for sale in the Google Play store at some point next week. The phone will be running Jelly Bean and will feature the simpler search we mentioned before.

Are you buying a Galaxy Nexus once it becomes available again?

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