Smartphones seem to have shorter market lifespans than supermodels, as it only takes a couple of months for the absolute top-of-line product to become obsolete. That may be the case with hardware, but when the phone continually receives the latest OS updates, it helps keep the product from being stale.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the launching platform for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in December 2011, and also the first smartphone to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this July. The Android phone’s excellent resume doesn’t seem to be stopping Rogers from discontinuing the pure Google phone, though.

Mobile Syrup received a leaked document which has all but confirmed that it’s the end of the road for the Galaxy Nexus on Rogers.

Effective immediately the Galaxy Nexus (NEXUSGBLK) is no longer available to be ordered on Rogers. It will continue to be available on Fido.

When a phone is discontinued, customers can still usually purchase whatever stock the carrier has left of the device. We’re not sure if that applies to the Galaxy Nexus, as the memo clearly states that customers won’t be able to order the phone from Rogers.  You won’t even find the Galaxy Nexus on the Rogers website anymore. At least you can still pick up the the Galaxy Nexus on Fido for only $29.99 with a three-year contract.

We’re not sure if the Galaxy Nexus just isn’t selling well on Rogers or if it’s a precursor to a new Nexus phone. It’s a bit too early for the latter, though.  What do you think? Is this a bad move on the carrier’s end?