In case you didn’t buy one yet, you won’t be able to get one as Google has pulled it from the Google Play store. I’m obviously talking about the third Nexus smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (HSPA+ version) that’s now no longer available for sale from Google.

Sure, you can still find it in various electronics and mobile operators stores, not to mention that you’ll most certainly get a great deal on second-hand or refurbished Galaxy Nexus units. But Google is focusing on the future, with the Galaxy Nexus not hanging around for one more year.

The LG Nexus 4 is Google’s next flagship device, and the one you should consider buying. In fact the handset has already been listed on Google Play, so better get your cash affairs in order to buy it – alternatively you can always get it on contract from T-Mobile in the following months.

Should Google have kept the Galaxy Nexus in its lineup just like Apple does with its previous-generation iOS smartphone, sold for (a bit) less than the latest-gen iPhone? Would you still buy a Galaxy Nexus if it was significantly cheaper?