The anticipation around the Nexus Prime aka Galaxy Nexus is about to reach epic levels, folks. With both Ice Cream Sandwich and the Galaxy Nexus unveiling set to happen in Hong Kong in less than 48 hours, all eyes are on Android now.

Plus, with Apple users hearing reports that Siri offers limited functionality outside of the US, many early adopters are keen to see what Google has in store. According to sources familiar with the work of Android development team, “Ice Cream Sandwich is going to blow everyone away,” and we’ve no doubt.

Anyway, getting back to the matter at hand — it’s looking like Canadians are set to be receiving the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka GT I9250 as well. This should come as no surprise though, as Canadians also received the original Nexus One and the Nexus S shortly after their neighbors to the South did, as well.

We are talking about a Pure Google Experience here folks, and one that will always receive the latest updates – significantly faster than other Android device on the market.  Although there has been no official talk of this Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device coming to Canada, a small and suggestive piece of evidence would have us believe otherwise. The evidence this time comes to us in the form of an update to the Wi-Fi Alliance database. Much like every device goes through the FCC to get proofed that it’s not a brain microwaving machine, all devices with Wi-Fi on board are mandated to be certified by the Alliance.

And, in case you haven’t seen this video a million times, here’s the world’s first hands on demo of the Nexus Prime (unofficially):

Just like other Samsung devices that arrived in the great white North, with the Galaxy S (GT-I9000M) and the Galaxy S II (I9100M), the “GT-I9250M” has recently exposed itself in the database just a few short days ago – on October 13th, 2011. As is typical of Samsung, they have just added an “M”, denoting that this particular variant of the Galaxy Nexus is indeed intended for Canadian carriers.

Furthermore, this means that we can anticipate, much like other Nexus devices, that this will be a full on global assault (launch)!

Excited? You better be!

Via: WiFi Alliance, Mobile Syrup