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Galaxy Nexus passes through Bluetooth SIG, is Android 4.3 incoming?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been caught passing through the Bluetooth certification process again, suggesting that a new software update, possibly Android 4.3, is on the way in the near future
June 10, 2013

There have been plenty of rumours and even some accurate looking pieces of information flying around recently regarding the next update to Android. We’ve seen picture of Android 4.3 update running on a Nexus 4 in Thailand and even received a hands on video of the updated camera UI. But the next big twist is that another Nexus device has been spotted passing through Bluetooth certification again, which suggests that the handset is about to receive a software update.

If you look closely at the design model number row, you’ll notice that the model number GT-I9250, which is code for the Galaxy Nexus. The reason for re-certification is quite likely due to the device receiving a new update which necessitates a double check against the Bluetooth standards, in other words the next big update to Android, quite possibly version 4.3.

Galaxy Nexus BT SIG

If you recall back a just a couple of weeks, the Nexus 7 also passed through Bluetooth SIG under pretty much the same circumstances. Not to mention that we noticed quite a few Android 4.3 builds in our server logs, which included the Galaxy Nexus, not too long ago either. The evidence is certainly mounting that Android 4.3 is on its way, and probably sooner rather than later.