The long awaited Nexus Prime will soon debut in a few weeks, and as we all know, will be fairly substantial in size.  The flagship Android device from Samsung and Google will feature a massive 4.65” screen size, which is quite an aberration from the usual 3.5”-4”-4.3” screens we see on today’s high-end smartphones.  This immense size might frighten consumers and make them say “How will I carry that around?”, or “Will it fit in my pocket?” Do not fret though – because once you do some careful observation of the physical specifications of the phone, you will realize it really isn’t that big.

Nexus S VS Nexus Prime

As you already may or may not know from the leaked Nexus Prime videos before, the Nexus Prime will not feature the capacitive or physical Android keys. In the previous leaked video, it was seen that the keys are actually on the display itself, much like the Honeycomb 3.0 UI on recent Android tablets. So this means that the screen must have be extended form the normal 4.3” in order to accommodate the on-screen buttons. A recent mockup of the Nexus Prime from Reddit user thantik illustrates how the Nexus Prime will compare against other stereotypical Android phones.

The mockup shows a total display screen size of 4.65”, but the feasible screen will only amount to 4.3”. This transitions to the on-screen buttons to use 0.35” of the display.  By watching the leaked video of the Prime, one can say that this looks very possible. Current Android phones’ buttons take up space on the phone itself, it’s just that they are not part of the actual screen. All in all, the screen dimensions allude the estimated size of the phone; that the Nexus Prime will be the same size as the Galaxy S II devices or typical 4.3” smartphones.

Other specs tell us that the Prime will be incredibly slim, have a contour/curved display, and be pretty light. However, 4.3” is still a large screen size for Android phones, but rumors say it should feel very comfortable in the user’s hands. What do you think? Will the Galaxy Nexus find Prime time in your pocket? Do you wish it to be smaller? Larger?