Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Pre-release

Last week Android Authority reported that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was finally coming to several Samsung devices that are long overdo. You would think that this would also mean Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus – it is a Google flagship device after all.

For those eager to get it, there are custom ROMs out there that can unlock the Jelly Bean experience on the Verizon handset. Those who want something official instead, you can finally get it, but there is a catch though: this a Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean pre-release version, coming directly from Google.

Since it’s not the final release, would a custom ROM be better? Or should you wait until the final OTA arrives? That’s largely up to you. The pre-release version is reported to be quite stable, but again, proceed at your own risk.

If you aren’t comfortable with modding or flashing, you might want to wait until the final OTA release arrives. For the rest of us out there, this should prove to be pretty easy.

What if you’ve never done a custom or manual install before? No worries, everything is rather straightforward. A complete list of instructions makes it pretty painless, just follow the steps. The main thing is to make sure you get Verizon certification and unlock your bootloader, or else this won’t work.

Are you planning on upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean pre-release ROM or are you waiting for the official OTA release? The flashable ZIP files are available now, directly through Google for your downloading pleasure. Here’s a guide that will take you through the steps and give you the files needed.

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