Google has scheduled a press event for October 29, where it will most likely unveil the LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2, its next major Android update, at least according to current reports.

But is Google going to unveil more than one Nexus-branded device during the event? A few weeks ago we thought that the Galaxy Nexus 2 and a HTC Nexus 5 were also going to be part of the Nexus family, not to mention that Sony was also rumored to work on its own Nexus device. These rumors fitted nicely with a story that revealed that Google is interested in partnering up with more companies to release Nexus devices.

But then the Galaxy Nexus 2 turned out to be the Galaxy Premier and the 5-inch HTC phablet was just unveiled a few days ago in Japan as the HTC J Butterfly.

Meanwhile, the Nexus leaks continued with the LG Nexus 4 being the only device that kept showing up.

Fast forward to today and look up the unofficial Galaxy Nexus Google+ fan page and you’ll read the following:

October 29th. The game is on ladies and gentlemen.

Happy birthday +Galaxy Nexus, you were born one year ago, on October 19th. Soon you are going to meet your younger brother(s) ;)

Is this unofficial confirmation that more than one Nexus devices are going to be unveiled in less than two weeks from now – the younger brother(s) – or is it just wishful thinking? At this point, we’d advise you not to read too much into it. After all this isn’t a confirmed Google account, so whoever is managing it, it’s probably not talking about Nexus products in an official capacity.

With that in mind, we’ll wish the original Galaxy Nexus a happy one-year anniversary while reminding you that we’ll keep you updated on any Nexus rumors and reports that will continue to pop up in the following days.