galaxy nexus jelly bean

The Galaxy Nexus is not the most impressive piece of gear around (that would be an accomplishment, considering that it was launched eleven months ago), but the Google Experience device is still a highly desirable gadget. Moreover, since the Jelly Bean update, the Galaxy Nexus has enjoyed some sort of renaissance, spurred in part by the relatively low price of the unlocked versions of the device.

In the US, the Galaxy Nexus is available for a reasonable $350 from the Google Play Store. But potential buyers in other countries don’t have access to the Play Store, which leaves them at the mercy of local retailers.

Things are not that bad if you live in the UK. Here, you can get a new, unlocked Galaxy Nexus from online retailer Expansys at an affordable £299. The three hundred quid will get you the 16GB version of the Nexus, plus free shipping. While £299 may not seem such a bargain, consider that the usual price of the device on Expansys is £549. In addition, you can get the Galaxy Nexus for free right from the retailer’s site, if you sign up for a contract on Vodafone, Three, or T-Mobile.

The retailer claims that the offer stands for a limited time, and while the stock lasts. At the time of writing, there were “100+” devices available on Expansys, but don’t put your purchasing decision too much, or you might rue it.