Not only is the Nexus 4 out of stock with most retailers, Google included, but its predecessor has reached end-of-life with Verizon.

So if you were planning to purchase an affordable on-contract Galaxy Nexus from Big Red to make up for the Nexus 4 scarcity, you may have a tough time following through with your plan.

After being launched in very-late 2011 – much later than Android fans expected it to hit Big Red – the device quickly became the handset of choice for plenty of Android users that wanted access to Google’s latest Android version.

We have no idea how many Galaxy Nexus units Verizon sold to date, although we do know the number is not comparable with other Android more popular devices and that it’s minuscule when pitted against iPhone sales, at least according to Samsung.

If there’s one reason to be annoyed with Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus though, is the fact that the carrier managed to screw up the timeliness of the Android updates the Galaxy Nexus was supposed to receive.

What handset will you be moving to from the Galaxy Nexus?