Here’s good news for would-be Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners. According to an eager tipster who did some unofficial testing on the Galaxy Nexus’ battery life, the device’s battery reportedly lasts longer than any other 4G LTE Android phone on the market.

The unnamed tipster sent the information to Droid Life after putting the Galaxy Nexus under hours of heavy use (“lots of browsing”) with the screen brightness set to maximum.  Five hours after such “heavy” use, the Galaxy Nexus still stood strong with 45% of battery power left.  The tester also mentioned that the use test was done on an LTE connection only.

A smartphone like the Galaxy Nexus that sports an LTE chip on board and a gigantic 4.65-inch HD screen takes a lot of juice to power-up the device for just a couple of hours. By the time it reaches the 5 hour mark, most 4G LTE phones would probably need a charger–or worse, the device will no longer have any more battery left. But, in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, it manages to prove that theory wrong.

For those of you who have already tried devices such as the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola DROID Bionic , then you’d already know that both devices are notoriously known for having short battery life spans. If the screenshot proved to be accurate enough, then this is certainly good news.

Once the Galaxy Nexus is officially launched, we could expect that the device could last a single day on a full battery charge.

What about you?  How’s the battery life on your Android phone?

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