Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone
Now that you’ve probably got a fairly good grasp of what the newly-minted Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone is all about, then perhaps you’re wondering when you’ll be able to actually get your hands on one. As in, when it will be available for sale in your area. Well, if you’re from the U.K., you’re going to have to forget about at least one version of it. Because apparently, Samsung has decided not to sell the Galaxy Mega 5.8 there at all.

If you’re hoping for a chance to own a Samsung Galaxy Mega, you may have to wait for the 6.3-inch version to arrive some time in mid-May, because reportedly it will be the only such Galaxy Mega smartphone from Samsung that will be officially sold in the U.K. It’s a bit strange, but the smaller model just won’t be made available for purchase at all. At least not through Samsung itself, that is.

If you really want to get a hold of a Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, then you could try and turn to third-party retailers who will surely step up to the plate and offer it if the demand for it shows. For now, that seems to be your only hope if you’ve got your eye on the tinier Galaxy Mega smartphone. It’s either that, or just get the 6.3-incher instead.

David Gonzales
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