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The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 blurs the line between smartphones and tablets. A set of hands-on images shows just how big the device is compared to a “regular” smartphone.

On Thursday, Samsung took the wraps off the new Mega line, and let’s just say that, if a device ever deserved its name, it’s the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

The 6.3-inch phone/tablet has already garnered a fair share of hyperbole and epithets, with bloggers and tech journalists particularly favoring terms like “monstrous” and “gargantuan”. However, without an etalon to compare it, it can be hard to visualize how large the Mega 6.3 really is.

We’ve already seen the Galaxy Mega 6.3 put aside the Note 2 thanks to an early review from Ubergizmo. The stylus-equipped Note 2 seems puny in comparison to its boisterous new sibling, even if the Note 2 is, at 5.5-inch, a very large phone by most standards.

Samsung Galaxy Mega design

If the Mega 6.3 dwarfs the generously sized Note 2, how does it look aside a regular smartphone, like the Galaxy S4, which features a display of just 5 inches?

We don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to a user in Asia, who uploaded these two pics to the web.

galaxy mega 6.3

galaxy mega  6.3 galaxy s3 21

While it’s hard to size up the Mega from the hands-on image alone, the second one speaks volumes. At 6.3-inch, the Mega is decidedly entering tablet territory.

Do you think that 6.3-inch is too much for a device that’s supposed to function primarily as a phone? Or bigger is better for you?

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